Hezhou ZR Petty Loan Co., Ltd. is a pretty loan company approved and established by Autonomous Finance Office. The company was founded on November 4, 2013, which is the state-owned and wholly-owned small loan company set by Guangxi ZR Group Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of RMB 101 million Yuan (wherein, capital increase was RMB 51 million Yuan in June 2014). It is located in Floors 1, 2 and 3 of No. 28 on Xingguang Road in Hezhou. The company’s business scope: handling various small loans; handling consultation services of small enterprise development, management and finance; services approved by financial offices of other autonomous regions. 


The company has 16 staffs at present. The members of management team are composed of executive director, general manager and vice general manager. There are four functional departments of credit department, risk control department, financial department and comprehensive department, taking charge of various specific matters in developing daily business activities. At the same time, the company has established loan approval committee and all loan projects execute business department’s preliminary assessment, risk control department review and business procedures approved by loan approval committee. The company conducts commercial operation, insists on market orientation of “setting foot in city and village, serving agriculture, farmer and rural area, serving middle and small enterprises”. It insists on the principles of small amount and dispersion, and main guarantee mode of credit, guarantee and secondary mortgage. It takes stable operation and sustainable development according to laws and regulations as operation idea, issues loan to Hezhou peasants, individual industrial and commercial units, as well as middle and small-sized enterprises, so as to increase the number of customers and coverage. Meanwhile, the company innovates positively to extend consultation business greatly.